Short-Circuit Study

The short-circuit study is performed to determine the power system status in the presence of a fault current. Several fault cases are studied in order to validate the impact of extreme currents on network components – such as the interrupting ratings of breaking elements such as circuit breakers and short-circuit withstand – and to ensure a quick response and to reduce damage to personnel and equipment through the protection. When the network is enlarged, the short-circuit levels are generally increased, so that the breaking capacity and short-circuit withstand of the components must be validated for both new equipment and for existing ones.

Our expertimages-ns are assisted by electrical software such as ETAP, SKM and PSAF for the modeling of equipment, simulation and determination of the parameters for the design according to ANSI / IEEE or IEC standards. The contributions of rotating machines are considered for this calculation. Special attention is given to upstream fault current effects in order to facilitate the coordination of the protection and avoid undesired tripping.